Consistent with the body, high hardness, non-deformation, smooth surface does not hurt hands, does not hurt the car.

The cut seam is neat, without any mixed edge, the edge Angle is neat.

Mold consummate, clasp is neat, accord with original car.

The front and rear covers are tightly joined.

Button generous, feel comfortable.   

Large rear fasteners are easy to carry.

Uniform design, solid sense.


Fashion and beauty, road rescue.

High strength aluminum alloy material, in the use process does not break, the service life is lengthened, safe and reliable.     

Thicken aluminum plate, further enhance the service life of aluminum plate, do not break, use for a long time.


Crytal clear white glass give a clear vision on both day and night. 

Easy to install, no modification is required.

Ride Your Bike With Style Unique Custom Design, perfect match to most motorcycle. 

High quality glass provide maximum visibility & safety.